Man, God and the Cosmos

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Created by KVK. Nehru

The Theosophical Society :: Adyar

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Modern developments in technology have brought great comforts to mankind, relieving us from drudgery and the vagaries of the environment. They enhanced both the scope and the variety of our sensory enjoyment. Above all, they have afforded us an increasing amount of leisure time. In the wake of all these, however, the human being seems to have somehow lost the quality of depth, and meaning to his existence. Those of us who are serious enough have been wondering whether there is any significance, purpose to this universe, to life—or is it just ‘make merry while you live!’

From time immemorial arcane knowledge about the Universe and Man has existed in the custody of a Hierarchy of advanced Beings, Rishis and was termed Gupta Vidya or Ancient Wisdom. The esoteric Teachings of all religions down the ages reflect this great knowledge. This knowledge reveals that there is a Great Plan—the Plan of evolution of Consciousness. Doubtless, the scope of the Plan is so vast, utterly transcending the ambits of human experience. But the advantage of knowing the whole Plan is that it immediately helps us in understanding our own place and role in the Divine Scheme—and more importantly and practically, it helps us regain the direction which we have lost in the welter of the ceaseless materialistic pursuits.

We, therefore, trace out in this Theme a panoramic view of the entire Manifestation of the Universe, the Elemental Kingdoms of Nature and the idea of Group-souls, the appearance of Man, his constitutive ‘Principles,’ the process of Death and Rebirth, Karma and its operation, the goal and direction of the Human Consciousness, and glimpses of the super-human stages.

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